What the hell do I make with this?

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Sorry ... I've been busy

Sometimes life gets in the way of plans. I had resolved to do something productive with this site and life sort of got in the way. Actually since November 2018: 

  1. I've had all four kids graduate college
  2. I started and nearly finished the restoration project of my Mustang up there
  3. I started and Lemons team, we built the car, and then wrecked it on our first race (long story)
  4. Completed (ok, organized and wrote the checks for) 5 home improvement projects

This all a long-winded excuse for doing fuck all on this site over the last couple years. Things calmed down over at G/O Media and the fate of the Kinja Oppo site seems to be reasonably secure now. Even though I am technically the owner or that site, I honestly don't know how much control I have over it's long term existence. I imagine G/O could shut down Kinja sites at will since they own the domain - which is the underlying reason I purchased this domain when it became available.

At this point I'm still at a loss for what the do with this domain. If you have an idea, click that "contact me" button up there and send it to me. I might even make it a contest? I do have a sweet billet aluminum racing distributor for 351 that needs a home ...

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